taking some time out…..in Dallas, Texas


take 3……on the plane leaving NYC, I looked down to my lap and realized a couple of things.

1.what a quintessential “new york moment” i was having with the coffee, bagel and New York Post.  2. The heading of the article “Rough Start.” Completely feeling mixed emotions as I left NYC this week. I’m leaving because I have to for a few weeks, not because I want too. Sometimes, you need to leave in order to come back and start again. Kind of like walking away from a problem and coming back with a fresh perspective, and solving it with a clear head. Yep, I’m kind of having to do the same thing. Yet, this is a little tougher and bigger of a situation. So…..while I’m in my temporary home, I will be blogging (some of my sightseeing) to take my mind off New York.

DALLAS – The Sixth Floor Museum – Dealey Plaza (President Kennedys assassination site)



the book depository from where the shots were fired…..


see above, from where shots fired…..


newspapers from the day…..


campaign stickers, pens, book cases etc…


campaign poster


the Presidents motorcade made a left here at the fountain before the tragedy struck…


from the view of the killer, where President Kennedy was shot from



as the President was shot the motorcade sped under the underpass…..



the X on the road is where the fatal shot hit President Kennedy in the convertible……


the “grassy knoll” where the famous Zapruder film was taken of the President and 1st Lady

to listen to President Kennedy’s famous inauguration speech, listen here…. and to find out more about The Sixth Floor Museum, visit here…..

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