spooky times in……gotham city

Greenwhich Village is one of the most beautiful areas in New York City….and during Halloween it never disappoints. everyone decorates their stoops, windows, doors and blocks. hope you enjoy these photos i took today, i had so much fun walking around the streets! this is why i love this city….well, one of many reasons… Happy Halloween!!!!


Greenwhich Village – haystacks and spookiness


pumpkins and ghourds….oh my!


i’m not sure how they walk up their stoop….but it looks great!


pumpkin daze…..stoop life in the village


a little batty


a purrrfect stoop with white pumpkins


silver, bronze and gold shiny pumpkins


Harlem: 110th between Lenox and 5th ave is the Harlem Meer part of Central Park. and late this afternoon they had their annual Halloween parade, Pumpkin carving contests and a flotilla of spookiness…..unfortunately it poured down just before the parade and everyone fled the scene! still everyone had fun while it lasted!


sitting by the central park pond – Harlem Meer 110th St


sharing a treat before the Halloween parade – Harlem


Harlem Meer – approaching dusk


Spanish Harlem and the weather is breaking…take cover Halloween lovers!

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