the week…….that was




  • the only way to go when you are feeling sick or blue is to sit in bed and catch up on magazines along with orange juice on the bedside table. so thats what i did. maybe i also caught up on some trash tv…..i believe a few soaps were on, that i usually never see because i’m at work.
  • a few ‘bits and pieces’ you need too see/read are:  
  1. Check out this video from Public Disruption on the NYC Subway. (#fitnessgoals)
  2. Travel programs you should know about from The New York Times! (this is good)
  3. 12 Reasons why minimalism may be the answer to anxiety! (kinda makes sense)
  4. Want to stay at an Air B n B surrounded by sharks? (I’m good thanks!)
  5. The 5 phrases that make you come off as inexperienced at work? (hmmm)



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