the week……..that was



Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.21.01 PM

i cannot remember this week! why you ask? because, it was rough and i have blocked it all out! i’m tired and it starts all over again tomorrow!

– a view from my desk, getting distracted by food and Elle magazine
– magazines that are sitting on table, that will not be read until sometime in the week
– a quote that sums up my week – lol!


– this is so cute, you have to watch this! Jimmy Kimmel asks kids about the Presidential candidates!

– this quick video of a rat on the NYC subway just made me laugh……then i got homesick!

– please add to your bucket list that you must stay in one of these best 27 Airbnbs!

– beautiful photo essays from around the world by 6 photographers courtesy of the New York Times

– act of kindness that bought a tear to my eye when i read it. a very kind and humble McDonalds employee in Chicago did something very nice.

– LA’s new contemporary Art Museum to see next time when there!

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