murals and museums……..brooklyn and nyc





brooklyn (above) was hot and steamy, but the murals took my mind off the heat!


FullSizeRender_2    FullSizeRender_3



the Museum of the City of New York is just the best! one of the exhibitions at the moment is The Hip Hop Revolution. Some of the photographs, art and memorabilia  are very cool! Photographers; Janette Beckman, Joe Conzo, and Martha Cooper shot amazing pics from the beginning days until hip hop came into the mainstream culture. The ‘mash up‘ was curated by the crazy talented artist Cey Adams, and has amazing photos by Janette Beckman with NYC graffiti artists adding their own take or spin on top of the original images.

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2 Responses to murals and museums……..brooklyn and nyc

  1. smilebac says:

    A smile to you from me. 🙂 is my blog. My mission is to make you smile. Very nice post and I like museums too!


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