uptown, downtown around the town………nyc


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some random photo’s in one day! it’s amazing when i sit down and look back at some of my photo’s, how much you can do and see in one day in NYC!

– this mural is done by South African artist Faith 47 and is part of a project called, “the psychic power of animals” that she is working on. her work has a haunting aspect to it
– random street art
– this mural is by American artist Shepard Fairey, who came up through the skateboard scene
– one of my favorite salad bars in NYC is SweetGreens, they source from local farmers and their seasonal menus are the best. i didn’t have time to wait in the line for a salad, but got an amazing Bluberry and Basil Fresca (photo)…….so refreshing on a hot day
– mr softee dipped in chocolate, made me smile
– Harlem bodega with latin queen Celia on the wall
– drinks and dinner at Spring Street Natural cafe with a friend…..pineapple, coconut mojitos rule
– a rare moment of solitude on the subway (i know!!)
– i love the new advertising of Vitamin Water, as you are underground sweating at 42nd street/Port Authority.

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