people, places, art………soho, new york city



Street photographer Jean Andre Antoine (above) and I connected over our love of photography, art and creativity. He sits here (his ‘office’) on Spring Street (btwn Broadway and Mercer) on weekends, waiting for someone to spark up a conversation, so he can take a fabulous photo of you! he captures your essence with his 1950’s polaroid camera, while sharing a great story or tip or two on photography. Jean Andre is, talented, passionate and has a great easy going vibe about him. stop by and say hello, chat……and please get your photo taken!   don’t you love it when you meet “like people” in this world!?





FullSizeRender_4  FullSizeRender_5


the streets just make me happy. there you go, i said it. i love the people watching, the things that i spot, the art, the noise, the colors, the inspiration. i feel comfortable navigating my way through the maze of the city. nothing surprises me anymore, but everything delights me still.

– Spring Street subway station (i just love subway tile)
– Jean Andre – Street Photographer
– the 3 of us…..Coco Chanel, Rihanna (wheat-pasted to the sidewalk), and me!
– art for sale and stenciled quote on the sidewalk
– a new mural at the Adidas store in Soho
– random pop of color from graffiti (as i turn the corner)
– street scenes from soho

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