objets d’art weekend……..as good as it gets


FullSizeRender_3    FullSizeRender

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image1    image2

FullSizeRender_4       Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.29.37 PM

i really ‘reached‘ this weekend for interest. for culture, art, visual stimuli, for something that mildly even falls into these categories. it all innocently started with caffeine and the internet, then sadly ended up at interior decor stores! really!? this is what its come to my friends?           i soooooo need a trip back to NYC……my insides are screaming for some gritty city love. buskers, street performers, artists, museums, hole in the wall places, coffee shops and barristers with beards and tattoos, singing on the subway, ramblings of strangers, stepping in gum, markets, graffiti, noise, people asking for money…….and the list goes on

i get myself in trouble when i feel like this ($$$) because it always costs me. i feel a trip coming on again.   #sanity

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