the week………that was

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i’ve had little sleep this week. i was just restless and stressed. when i did fall asleep, i had the craziest, most bizarre dreams…….the ones that make you wake up and look around to see where you are! then you lay there thinking and analyzing the dream for ever!         you know those dreams…..right?

– a view from my desk
– a rose is a rose……floral delights display and Hamptons magazine (for dreaming)
– let them eat cake…..i just don’t need to eat it (baby shower celebration)
– 3 simple rules of life (well, lets face it, there are a ton more, but i like these 3 )
– magazines for the weekend
– flipping through a magazine, when i  stopped at a photo of my beloved city. the quote i dropped on top for the pic, was kinda like the ‘cherry on top’ for me! i’m a little wistful today

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