the weekend………how quickly it comes and goes

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it just went too quick! it was a social media weekend for me….documentaries, tv, online, instagram, reading blogs, reading books, magazines/newspapers.  
because ‘sharing is caring’………here i go;

– first off, can we please talk about the amazing Misty Copeland!? (all hail Misty) who a couple of weeks ago became the first African American woman to be named a principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theatre! this gorgeous spread above is from The New York Post article and shot by the famed celeb photographer Brad Trent. breathtaking! i just keep staring and examining! (i seriously need to start working out)
i also really love that she is a great role model for girls (young and old-er) everywhere around the world

– a must-see documentary is The WolfPack – it is about 5 siblings that were locked away from the outside world in Manhattan for 14 years, by their father. they lived (confined) in a lower east side apartment with their father (and mother), and only had their imagination to keep them going. these boys re-enacted their favorite movies (and i mean, word for word) and made costumes from whatever they could find! it is truly fascinating, mesmerizing and haunting all at the same time. it shows the power of hope, the human spirit and creativity.     i couldn’t move while watching!

– oh, and books i want to read. i cannot commit to reading patiently during the summer, there are just too many outdoor activities to do! but maybe to take on the plane, or a chapter or two at a coffee shop…..or maybe when the weather chills a little (dare, i even utter those words from my mouth)

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3 Responses to the weekend………how quickly it comes and goes

  1. Ugh, no kidding. Why is sunday almost over?!?


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