the week………….that was


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oh the week that was…..coming off of the 4th of July weekend, is so hard for me to sit still and focus. this week involved, some deep breathes, mantra’s, coffee, flowers and doodling! i was suppose to take another trip to visit a friend this weekend, but alas, it’s not happening…..maybe i should just sit still and unpack the bag!                  hope you guys had a great week!?

– a view from my desk (summer mango ice-cream from Trader Joes = the best!)
– Starbucks run and Australian Vogue
– quote of the day (which i adore)
– doodling over the lovely Marie Antoinette (at work, in a meeting)
– quote and run to Wholefoods for snack time (this healthy juice combo is the best!)
– magazines to get through (although, little to no attention spare this weekend)
– coffee (don’t mind if i do) and some Gladiolus, not yet in full bloom (can’t wait)

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