road trippin’………….alexandria bay, NY



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the thought of spending the 4th of July not in the state of NY, was a little too much for me earlier this week! so, i drove to a friends place upstate NY to the lovely and endearing town of Alexandria Bay (on the border of Canada and NY)         it is a ‘mind-clearing‘ 8 1/2 hour drive for me! so, thank goodness for the invention of the iPod and the radio!
hope you guys had a wonderful 4th of July! 

– next morning fresh fruit and waffles
– views of Alexandria Bay NY and the town (Alexandria Bay is in the 1000 Islands Region, and yes, Thousand Island Dressing is from there!)
– touring the waters with friends, just a perfect day. just making sure we don’t go over the Canadian side of the bay…which is easy to do on the water!
– the lovely Boldt Castle, and if you come here you must go and see this castle built around 1890’s by Geaorge Boldt and his wife.
– being patriotic on the river
– light refreshments and skim reading the New York Post
– gorgeous house on the bay
– homemade chocolate cake (we got fancy with the decorations!)
– showing the red, white and blue – a lovely dinner with friends, lots of laughs

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