big city, bright lights……….goodbye



IMG_2955    IMG_3066

so, i left New York in the usual dignified, elegant way……..KICKING AND SCREAMING!

– anyway my friends, it was a magnificent, crisp, big city evening, when i took these photos. the lure of the city for me is like.…….like bugs that buzz around porch lights in the hot summer nights. (yes, i’m comparing myself to a bug.) or it’s like the city is one gigantic magnet…..and i try to pull away, but i keep getting pulled back.

i think it’s my ‘soul city’.  do you have a ‘soul city’ or place that does this to you!?

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3 Responses to big city, bright lights……….goodbye

  1. Louise Brady says:

    i would also leave kicking and screaming! cant wait to visit x

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