blooms amidst the concrete……nyc parks in spring



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– Madison Square Park (above pics) takes your breath away in spring. i used to love walking through it, (even though it was sometimes the long way around for me) just to grab a coffee or do chores on a Saturday was a delight. Madison Sq Park always does some great public art exhibitions and this is no exception! this one by Teresita Fernandez was reflective and quite beautiful in this serene setting.


– Flat Iron District getting some SUN!     remember SUN north-easters!? it’s the big, bright thing that is high up in the sky and shines down and gives you warmth! yay!

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the flower district runs W28th between 6th and 7th aves. it was lovely to stroll through it again saying hello to some of the vendors i used to buy my (very early) Saturday morning spring flowers from. ugghh, it was tough not to buy a few bunches of flowers

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, anytime is a great time to visit NYC, but take it from me, Spring is the most beautiful time if you can swing it!

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