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– on my last trip home…..the NYC subway

a beast, an intricate maze of tunnels, a commuters dream and nightmare all at the same time. aaahh the subway. i’ve cursed it, i’ve wearily lent on it’s columns after work, i’ve purchased the newspaper and candy there, i’ve bumped into old friends, i’ve fallen UP the stairs and i’ve tripped down the stairs in a hurry. i have often pushed and squeezed my way onto the overcrowded subway cars, and i’ve given men the ‘evil eye’ for not giving me their seat when i was carrying a crap load of bags. in the subway i have helped a man having a seizure and waited for the ambulance, i have witnessed a fight, i watched lovers break up and i have also seen lovers that should have gotten a hotel room. i have chatted with people that have seen aliens and God, i have watched the odd man or 2 ‘relieve’ themselves in a ‘private’ corner. a rat has nearly run over my boots in winter while waiting and i have listened to people sing (sing loud, very loud) and off-key.          but that’s the subway.

– anyway, for some interesting facts click on this link and learn 24 things you didn’t know about the NYC Subways!

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