shopping and perusing the streets…..of LA


– a good great way to start my day. as a coffee lover (of sorts) i am kinda hooked on Blue Bottle coffee. originally this habit started while living in NYC (on trips to Brooklyn) then it just expanded now to trips to LA! it is the perfect blend of chicory coffee, sugar and milk – a scientifically perfect combination, (so, i say)

image2    image3

– random shopping on La Brea (above)


FullSizeRender_2    FullSizeRender_3


– coolest optical store ever. Garrett Leight California Optical  on La Brea (above 4 pics)


bronco chase: be gone with you……..

IMG_2860    IMG_2864

paper chase: sugar packets and post it notes


IMG_2862    Indian



– LA, it was real while it lasted (and sooooo warm!) so until next time we meet, i bid you a farewell. thanks for reminding me what the 405 was like to drive on after 4pm! (yay)

– also thanks for a memorable last evening. a random act of kindness from a young couple (with a child) who paid for our first round of blood orange margarita’s at Mercado in Santa Monica. we didn’t exchange names, we hardly spoke, yet this couple made the very kind and thoughtful gesture of buying us (3 friends) drinks. we asked the waiter who paid for these, and he motioned to the couple.

classy, thoughtful, kind, generous and totally unexpected.
thank you. i will pay it forward.

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