a mixed bag………….from new york city

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– a mixed bag for you of some random photos of my wanderings last week in my beloved nyc! off to Las Vegas and Los Angeles next……

– World Trade Center Tower and the Roosevelt Island Tram scooting along high above
– down in the Bowery (corner of Houston)
the road to nowhere steps, just may start here…….
– tick tock, big old clock
– graffiti in the Bowery and a cut out on the post no bills fence to see the graffiti on the wall
– a little Sistine Chapel feel on the wall of an apartment building
– subway art, as you enter underground (Bowery and Houston)
– Brooklyn Heights = row houses (and my dreams)
– RIP lost mittens and gloves on a fence in Brooklyn Heights
– reflections opposite Madison Square Park at night from clock tower
– enjoyable drinks, dinner and laughs with a friend at The Upsider in Manhattan

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