i’m ‘a-mazed’…………that i’m doing this







– yes, your eyes are not deceiving you…..this city girl ventured to a corn maze! It was exciting at first, and then an hour later into it…..well, it felt a little ‘children of the corn-ish‘ to me. I was sure something was going to jump out at me, a zombie child or something –  along with my eyes to the ground for critters!

All joking aside, it was lovely to be in nature and see the farms hard work in preparing this land. Plus, I got to go up to top the lookout, to take that sweeping view shot of the cornfields – thanks to one of the staff members who let me climb up the weathered, rickety ladder. (Listen, if I can climb up the inside of the Statue of Liberty, I can pretty much climb anything!)
Anyway, my motto is – there is always a first for everything!

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