if not only………….for a fleeting moment (nyc)


– Have you ever just sat at a coffee shop quietly and watched people go by?

I’m such a “people watcher”. I don’t do it for the fashion (well, sometimes) or to make fun of people, I just sit to observe human nature. I wonder things like: what people do for a living, why do they look sad, why aren’t they at work, is their life a struggle, have they lost a loved one, are they on vacation, are they lonely, do they have family, do they have hidden secrets, what are their vices and so on and so on.


I also think, that maybe some of our paths will cross one day, for some strange ‘movie type scenario’ kind of way. All these souls walking around, we must somehow be connected in some way. Let’s face it…..we all have the same basic needs and wants, and although they may vary a bit, at our core….we are all the same. I find it fascinating.


So, as I sat and pondered all this, I suddenly became a little more tolerant. Truth be told, I cannot guarantee how long this will last (ie; if someone pushes me on the subway platform or cuts me off when I’m driving etc) But, sit and try it. You too will feel a little more connected and a little more understanding of people.

If not only……….. for a fleeting moment.


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