weekend wanderings……….yellow springs, ohio

yellow springs 7

yellow springs 1

yellow springs 11

yellow springs 6

yellow springs 3

yellow springs 9

yellow springs 5

yellow springs 10

yellow springs 8

– Road trip: Welcome to Yellow Springs, Ohio! Population just under 4000. What a great small town! It was voted in one of the travel magazines, as one of America’s “coolest small towns” and I could not agree more. Stop at Winds Café (nice for lunch) then hit all the little stores on the main street. Great for finding trinkets, clothes, bags, incense, decor and other interesting ‘one off’ pieces by local artists (always support local!).

My words to describe Yellow Springs…….bohemian, laid back, slightly hippy, with an organic-crunchy-granola-vibe to it. A place where musicians, artisans, artists, writers, poets, earth-friendly people reside. Everyone was super friendly and I met a few interesting characters. I took these photo’s of some of the local seniors, who are passionate about the environment, earth and people. Bill (gentleman in red tee) told me they come out and stand on the street corner, nearly every weekend. Their mission – to get people to honk their horns, wave, smile and read the signs they hold. All while they sing songs about love and peace. Thanks Bill for the photo!

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