the end……..for now.

the end........for now.

Wow, it has been an emotional journey. I needed a minute last Friday after the movers (who were a day late – long story) had left to survey the ’emptiness’ and the ‘what was’ when I first moved in – many, many years ago. I reflected back on all the memories this apartment had collected for me. I could hear the walls giggle, laugh, cry, weep, cough, sneeze, sing, shout, and talk.

So now, after living out of a suitcase in a hotel for a week…..I just got into my new place and I’m unpacking all my worldly belongings. Trying to settle in amongst the boxes yet to be unpacked and re-discovered all over again!

Well, I have reached a new chapter in this book called, “LIFE”! I’m hoping it brings me joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment and new ‘life muscles’ to flex! (trust me, they are being flexed as I type!) I also hope that you continue to follow me on my life travels and experiences, and see the world through my lens!

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