the things i’ll miss about new york city……..

april blog nyc 027As my departure date is rapidly closing in these days, so is the realization of leaving here. The mixed feelings come and go with the tide, and today I started to reminisce about my New York City.

Listen, it has not been all easy and I’ve had to learn some things through the ‘school of hard knocks’. But, in saying that, it also has been an amazing experience and journey, that I would not have given up for anything in the world. So, I started thinking as I walked down the street, about all the things that once annoyed me, that now I may (or may not!) miss. All the things that pertain to either living in the hustle and bustle of a large city OR that are just relative to New Yorkers only! Below are just a few of the gems:

  • jack hammering outside my apartment (on a weekend when you want to sleep in)
  • filming a movie or tv series in front of my building and halting pedestrians until they get the shoot right (while you are dying to get in to the building to pee!)
  • smelly subway riders at 7am while in a busy subway car squashed like sardines.
  • belligerent, rambling drunks below your window.
  • tripping down subway stairs rushing for the train.
  • passengers vomiting on your subway car (at any time of the day)
  • a deranged man mumbling about the ‘end of the earth’ and ‘aliens conspiring with the government’.
  • thinking your cab driver is talking to you when he’s not  – he is on his cell phone chatting to a friend.
  • falling up subway stairs.
  • swiping your metro card through the turnstile a couple of times, and instead of allowing you in – it eats your money up instead.
  • listening to your ‘recently divorced’ bachelor upstairs having sex at 3am.
  • using your oven and dishwasher for storage (cd’s, kitchen appliances, light bulbs etc)
  •  taping plastic all over your apartment windows in winter due to the drafts coming in.
  • ruining a brand new pair of shoes – due to ‘April showers’ or the heel getting stuck in a sidewalk grate.
  • trying to order a sandwich at your corner bodega, only to be challenged by a ‘language barrier’.
  • walking behind slow tourists – who usually walk ‘5 people across’ the sidewalk.
  • writing the check for your rent every month, that could support a small nation.
  • getting poked in the face with an oversized golf umbrella on the sidewalk – there is such a thing as ‘umbrella etiquette’ people!
  • a bed bug alert in your building.
  • subway stench in the middle of a heat wave in summer.
  • hearing a story of a ‘rent controlled’ apartment that is 70% less than the amount of  rent you pay for your studio apartment shoe box.
  • seeing your monthly credit card statement filled with Starbucks and Wholefoods purchases, that could be equivalent to the cost of a vacation in Hawaii.
  • listening to the ‘tapping’ or ‘hissing’ sound of your radiator when you are trying to sleep.
  • the mad dash for the Long Island train in the summer when they announce the track # to get you to the Hamptons or Montauk.
  • trying to get across town at lunch time in a cab under 20 minutes – nearly miraculous.
  • snow storms in the city.
  • carrying 2 bags in winter – one with extra clothes and shoes for your ‘trek to work’.
  • trying to get out of your apartment building door during a parade on your street.
  • waiting 40 minutes in line in summer for a shake and fries at ‘the shake shack’ in Madison square park.
  • blizzards in the city.
  • honking of horns.
  • sounds of sirens.
  • allergy season in spring.
  • handing out the remaining change in your pocket to a panhandler – only to get the response, “is this it!?”
  • tipping excessively to everyone you come in contact with.
  • trying to catch a cab on Valentines day and New Years Eve – virtually impossible.
  • walking in dog poo on the sidewalk!
  • seeing a man take an impromptu ‘leak’ on your street corner.
  • the train you are on stops in the middle of the subway tracks for 5 minutes when you are in a hurry to get somewhere – hey, it seems like an eternity for a New Yorker!
  • co-workers getting “snow days” off because they live outside the city – and because you live in the city, you have to show up to work!
  • Macy’s Herald Square at holiday time – insanity.
  • people walking their dogs early in the morning and letting them crap right in front of you – forget that breakfast sandwich you were about to get!
  • the ‘static sounding’ ‘mumbling’ train conductors trying to alert you of something, but you cannot even hear them, let alone understand them!
  • your dry cleaner closing a minute early and you are pleading with him to open up so you can get your “Friday night outfit” back!
  • understanding what your cab driver is trying to say to you.
  • lining up 20 minutes to buy a ‘cronut’ (Google it my friends who don’t know!) or a red velvet cupcake from Magnolia’s bakery.
  • paying $20 for a cocktail.
  • getting severe food poisoning from your corner bodega’s “open buffet” – I will never look at a certain food group again!
  • getting charged 3 times as much for a bottle of water during Super Storm Sandy.
  • having a mouse in your apartment that eludes you, and you start to question if he has ‘magical powers’.
  • seasonally rotating your clothes in your wardrobe – due to lack of space.
  • removing your air conditioner from your window before winter starts, then putting in back in for summer.
  • finding a dead cockroach on your floor the size of a small kitten.
  • having a rat run over your boots while you are waiting for a subway train.
  • a ‘sports bar’ move underneath your building – along with that comes new smells, drunk football patrons and loud music until the wee hours in the morn.
  • getting ‘cabin fever’ during winter months.
  • buying a couch that does not fit through your apartment door – fun.
  • watching the ‘obvious change’ in demeanor of your doorman around December. He now, starts to open the door for you when you are struggling with groceries! (it’s called “holiday tipping!”)

Aaaahhh……I think I have to stop, this is making me teary-eyed!!!

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