on my mind tonight……

Chrysler Building at nightAs I sit and tonight and look around my apartment with the contents mostly in boxes…..I cannot help but reflect of my life here in New York City.

Yes, I’m moving out of my apartment of years, out of the city I love, and out of the great state of New York.

I once thought that the only way I would leave NYC, was by force (kicking and screaming kind of force)  But it so happens that I’m not going out like that.

Nope, it is for work and I will be coming back to visit once a month or hopefully twice! I have mixed feelings about leaving, as I love it here, yet it will be a nice change for me at the same time. New starts are always good. Good for personal growth, meeting new people, pushing yourself to change and reinvent – spiritually and mentally and so on. (Oh, and also hopefully good for blog content!)

So as I sit and look at my life in boxes, I can’t help but wonder what the journey will bring for me. I still have a couple of weeks left here and I will cherish them in this tiny studio apartment that cradled me from the harsh world sometimes! I will do all my favorite New York things (almost ceremonial now) with more love and intent. I will embrace the things that annoyed me and I will wander the streets like a tourist for the very first time.



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