random acts of kindness……for the taking


Random acts of kindness,  should not be so random. A dear friend of mine and I, were talking a week a go about me moving and buying a car etc. She had mentioned to me that I should record my mileage (for work purposes) and that she uses a certain little book to do so. I told her that it sounded like a good idea and that I must go and buy one soon.

So, yesterday, I opened up my mail box and in a brown envelope, there was the little book and a lottery ticket from her. How kind I thought.

Not many people are so thoughtful these days, as we are all caught up in our own worlds and sometimes our day to day drama’s take over for us to even think of anyone else. But, it meant a lot to me, something so small and so simple. So today, I decided to ‘pay it forward’ and did my own small ‘good deed’ for someone else.

Random acts of kindness – pay it forward people!

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