the things we collect…….#hoarder?

As I prepare to make one of my goals for 2014 happen (that would be to move!) I have been doing a mini ‘clutter cleanse’ on the weekends. Hopefully, this will make the process a little easier when it comes to packing my life up in boxes.

I have travelled so much throughout my life, and it is now starting to catch up with me. It is funny how you can accumulate so much ‘stuff’ over the years, especially if you love to travel!

When I was younger, I decided to start collecting ‘back pack patches’. Now interestingly enough (as you can see) I never got around to putting these patches on my back pack (that has since been donated to the Salvation Army, may it R.I.P)

Then I went through another ‘phase’ of collecting postcards from destinations. My long term goal was to frame them in groups and hang on a wall, maybe in a cool office setting or something? Hmmm….that really didn’t go anywhere either (as you can see) They have been living in a wooden box (oh, and I got the box on my travels as well) for years, and have just seen the light of day.

While back packing Europe, I was enlightened by visiting all the cathedrals, churches, duomo’s, spiritual places, holy landmarks etc. Now, this one….I’m not really sure of my goal here. I think maybe I was going to build a ‘shrine’ in my apartment or something? (I really have no idea) But, the holy water from Lourdes is now staying out of ‘hiding’, as these days I may need a sprinkle or two.

Now, my travels to the Caribbean Islands, or any where near rivers, beaches, water or streams, is another story. At the time (‘in the moment’) I had thoughts of being ‘connected’ to ‘mother nature’ (yes, I’m aware I’m all over the place) so I started to collect pebbles, rocks and shells. I will say, that, I did have these in a small glass bowl, displayed in my bathroom. See, these were actually part of my décor and useful (technically).

Yes, I’m sure during this cleansing, packing, purging, moving process……that I will come across more goodies. One thing that I can say is, this experience has made me smile. I have lots of memories every time I hold one of these souvenirs in my hand, and I think how lucky I have been to have travelled to so many places.

I’d love to know what you collect on your travels! (Please…. it will make me feel better!)

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3 Responses to the things we collect…….#hoarder?

  1. Christian Ekleberry says:

    I tend to collect scarves by the handfuls for me and a few for friends/family. I have an entire box full haha. Now my friends get them for me in their travels too. I might need to switch to a new accessory.


    • 61gypsy says:

      Great! I love that your friends get them for you now!
      Sadly, after I read your comment, the first thing that popped into my head was, how many scarves I actually own…… I think I have some real problems – LOL!
      Thanks for your comment.


      • Christian Ekleberry says:

        Haha! I think it’s a great thing! You have so many things from your journeys that you can pick your favorites. Better to have too many than wish you had more. Why don’t you give some to friends and family with little notes or stories about how your journey reminded you of your loved ones for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. They would make cute, personalized gifts!


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