happy new year….and a fancy one at that!

happy new year....and a fancy one at that!

It was cold (I’m sorry, FREEZING) in New York last night, so, I decided that I would stay in and have a quiet celebration.
Looking back I have had so many great new years eve celebrations (and some not so good!)
I have stood in Times Square with a million of my closest friends in frigid temps, nose running and circulation cut off – but had fun and wouldn’t have changed the experience for anything!
I have spent good $$$ on a dress, shoes, make up, hair, and a ticket to an event, only to have been disappointed that the entertainment showed up 2 hours too late! I have stood on rooftops in Los Angeles with friends, toasting in the new year. I’ve celebrated the millennium new years eve at The Sydney Opera House, watching the fireworks off The Sydney Harbor Bridge with a loved one. I’ve been to house, loft, apartment parties and even been on a boat cruise dancing the night away to celebrate. Toasted it in many different countries, states and ways!
But last night, I made a special hot toddy and a pudding that I didn’t even know existed anymore – haven’t eaten this since my childhood overseas! I settled in happily to watch the CNN special with the charming Anderson Cooper and the funny Kathy Griffin in my cozy sweatpants…..and this was my fancy new year!
Here’s to a happy, healthy 2014!

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