reflections on what was……

reflections on what was......

As we approach on the impending new year….I cannot help (like everyone else) to reflect on ‘what was’ in 2013. Did I have grand plans and goals for myself in 2013 = yes. Did I achieve all of them = no. Am I a little depressed about that = yes. But I’ll live.
Mind you, my goals are pretty lofty……..doable, but pretty big.
So, that leaves me with a ton of pressure for 2014. I’m so determined to accomplish everything that I set out to do, and this time no excuses! I have written my goals on a large piece of paper and taped it up in my apartment, so I can see it every day and make sure I’m doing something towards my goals!
Listen, in saying I didn’t reach some of my goals, I feel blessed and grateful. I have had a better year than some people in unfortunate, challenging circumstances and I don’t take that for granted. Trust me.
I’ve travelled, seen new places, made new friends and tried new things. I’m clothed, fed and have a roof over my head. I’m lucky enough to experience living in NYC, and hey…..I started this blog (finally!) which was on my ‘to do list’!

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