character building cold weather…..

Today, as it started to snow, I recalled my first snowfall living in New York City after moving from Los Angeles. I had been living in my little studio for a few months and still was trying to settle in to life in the big city. During the day, I attempted to navigate my way around the city wearing inappropriate footwear, no gloves, a cheap thin scarf and a coat that looked fabulous but was as thin as paper. My evening was taken up with a hot shower, soup and numerous layers of clothing before getting into a bed with a hot water bottle. Awakening several times throughout the evening to icy shivers combined with a threatening noise coming from the outside of my apartment that I now know to be a ‘snow plough’. I’ve since learnt the importance of moisturizing, tissues, investing in good winter clothes (forgetting the fashion aspect) space heaters, plastic to insulate drafty windows, stuffing an old towel under the door, turning the oven on and opening it, and preparation before you get home (because going back out is not an option sometimes) I’ve learnt that Starbucks can be your best friend, as well as the internet. Make up is non existent and ‘beanie hair’ is inevitable. Slipping, sliding on black icy streets and acting cool is an art form that one must master. Along with moisture that may drip from ones nose, that one does not feel due to frost bite. Cotton wool balls have since stopped many of an ear ache, and getting to know your local pharmacist by her first name is a must. Learning that your usual 35 minutes to work on the subway, will now take you close to an hour, and that trying to get a cab is as rare as a sighting of the Chupacabra.

Yes, life in the cold weather states is definitely not for the faint of heart. Lets call it ‘character building’.

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