quote of the day……..

“Don’t let anyone take advantage of your vulnerability. Not everyone who’s there in your hour of need has good intentions.”


Samantha King (Author)

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taking a little breather…night in nyc







sometimes a long brisk walk does the soul good. yeah it’s cold and yeah a pigeon decided to poop on my jackets hood……but still, i persisted. breathe in, breathe out.

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quote of the day…….

quote of the day

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quotes of the day…..

Today i am posting these quotes for me, because i need them at the moment…I need these to be in my face for a change. Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to read quotes. Yesterday I was rolling my eyes reading some quotes. But today I am trying to be more receptive of being positive and getting through this “rough patch,” that seems not to be ending. 

I have no “deep thoughts” or “inspirational words” for you my blogging friends out there. Sometimes total exhaustion will do that to you. Giving up is not an option. Nor is curling up in a ball under the blankets (although it kinda helps for 10 minutes). But when one more thing doesn’t work out, that you desperately need, you say out loud to yourself, “are you kidding me!?”

So, if you’ve got any inspirational words or random thoughts for me…….feel free to share them. 

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a wintery day in…..the battery, nyc



lighting up a dreary day…


a cold lady liberty…..


the eagle has landed….


give us your tired, your hungry, your poor…


new york friends


introducing….”FEARLESS GIRL” she is a bronze 50″ high statue, erected on International Women’s Day by the sculpture artist Kristen Visbal. 

Read about my inspiration and favorite little girl here






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quote of the day…….


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quote of the day……


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